Tsubamesanjo Regional Products Store

Roughly 10,000 authentic items produced by makers from the Craftsmen's Town, Tsubamesanjo, are gathered here. This tax-free shop exhibit and sell items. Enjoy shopping here and take part in the spoon polishing activity! Also, free Wi-Fi and English speaking staff are available. We'll store your baggage for free for one day at the "Empty-Handed Tourist Counter." Please start your journey from here.

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Craftsmen's Inn KAJI

This building was renovated from an old residence. Only one group can stay at a time, and will have full access to all the house's facilities. Please try using craftsmen's instruments such as chisels. You can stay here as if you live in Tsubamesanjo as a craftsman!

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Kokujoji Temple Ema for Cancer Prevention

Located within Mt. Kugami, this is the oldest Buddhist temple in Niigata Prefecture. "Ema" is a wooden tablet on which one may write down their wish. Said to have powers to prevent cancer, with this Ema, you circle the parts of the body on a drawing of a human, where you'd like to avoid getting cancer.

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Suwada Blacksmith Works, Inc.

Established 1926. Their main products are nail clippers. Approximately three months are needed to produce one nail clipper. Their high-precision process allows two blades to meet perfectly. Take a tour in their modernly stylized, black color themed factory and bear witness to their handiwork!

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A maker of luxury chopsticks made of hardwood such as ebony or Shitan (rosewood). You can watch their work from the huge observing window. Previous generations earned a living by decorating temples with wood carvings. Those woodworking techniques have been passed down and thrives in their works.

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Tojiro Co., Ltd.

They produce high quality products such as kitchen knives, excelling in both the traditional "forging" methods as well as the "blanking" methods. The company has its roots in farm equipment production. Starting with their introduction into the European market, the brand is now recognized and adored all over the world.

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A man regarded as a living national treasure heads this 200-year-old factory. A cornerstone of the metal working industry of Tsubame, "Tsuki Douki" are copperware made by continuously hammering a copper plate. Tsubame is now the only place in Japan where this traditional crafting technique survives. Don't miss the chance to see the craftsmen in action, as you listen to the hypnotizing sound of hammer to copper.

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Tadafusa co., ltd.

Here, every step in the knife making process are done by hand by experienced craftsmen. You can tour the factory and learn about the craft up close and personal, with the sounds and smells adding extra effect!

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Tsubame-shi Migakiya-Ichibankan

Migaki (Polishing) is one of the important skills for Tsubamesanjo's craftsmanship. This facility is a training center for craftsmen in-the-making. Also, you can take part in the tumbler-polishing hands-on activity! Enjoying a beverage out of a tumbler you made!

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Sanjo Blacksmith Training Hall

Try leaning the craftsmen's techniques such as hammering, grinding through a hands-on experience! Skilled craftsmen will guide you to make your own paper knives. It should make a great souvenir of your trip.

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Snow Peak Inc.

World renowned outdoor equipment maker. You can also camp here, even if you don't bring your own equipment with you to this camping ground! "Empty-handed Camp" is available where you can rent all the necessary stuff on site. We recommend you to do this during snow season.

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