We held a monitoring tour for widely promoting Tsubamesanjo’s regional resources and other information to foreign countries.

We are welcoming more international Tsubamesanjo fans!


【Date】March 1, 2024 (Friday)

【Number of participants】8 people from 7 countries (Germany, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Vietnam, China, India)

【Event contents】                   

1.Tea ceremony by ThreeSnow at Meijiya                                                        2.Se-Abura Ramen (Pork Fat Ramen) at Fuushi                                                    3.Hammering Copper Experience by Susa Makoto   

                         4.Factory tour by SUWADA Blacksmith Works, Inc.                                                  5.Forged Knife Factory Tour by Hinoura Hamono                                                          6.Shopping at Tsubamesanjo Wing

【Comments from participants】

  • Workshop was interesting.
  • I really liked the experience of making something with my own hands and to see the process of how the things were made.
  • Ever since I started living in Niigata, I haven’t explored much so I was really excited to know more about Niigata and its history.
  • Seeing craftmanship up close was very inspiring and made me want to support their craft. It made me want to cherish it.
  • Because the explanations were very easy to understand and I felt pretty close to Japanese culture in the Japanese style room.
  • I enjoyed the Copper experience because it provided a hands-on opportunity to learn about traditional craftsmanship firsthand. Being able to observe skilled artisans at work and even try my hand at crafting copper items allowed me to appreciate the intricate process behind this age-old art form.
  • I appreciated the diversity of activities offered during the tour, which catered to various interests and provided a well-rounded experience of Tsubamesanjo. The organization of the event was commendable, and the guides were knowledgeable and engaging.
    Offering translations or interpretation services in multiple languages can accommodate the diverse linguistic backgrounds of international residents and enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the tour. This can include providing bilingual guides, informational materials, or audio guides to ensure all participants can fully participate and engage with the activities.