TSUBAMESANJO Ambassador Tour for International Residents

We will hold a monitoring tour that will widely promote Tsubamesanjo’s regional resources and other information to foreign countries.

We are looking forward to welcoming international Tsubamesanjo fans!

【Date】March 1, 2024 (Friday)
【Application deadline】February 8, 2024 (Wed.) 16:00
【Number of applicants】8 (If there are too many applicants, we will hold a drawing.)
【Participation Fee】Free of charge: Souvenirs will be included.
【Application Requirements】International residents who are passionate about promoting Tsubamesanjo to their home countries, etc.

Please refer to the link as below.

TSUBAMESANJO Ambassador Tour for International Residents  (tsjiba.or.jp)



Tsubamesanjo is a region that supports people’s lives through manufacturing. Through the people who live in Tsubamesanjo, we will show you the appeal of our products, food, and sake. This is the spirit of Tsubamesanjo.

Event in Vancouver: Made in Tsubamesanjo - Traditional Craftsmanship

Tsubamesanjo in Niigata prefecture, Japan, is known for its metal industry with a history of 400 years. Recently, the long-inherited and traditional techniques, such as Tsuiki copperware and blacksmithing have evolved to create attractive goods suitable for modern life, including kitchenware, tableware, and the like.

For approximately two months, carefully selected over 100 Tsubamesanjo products will be on display and available for purchase at ENISHI (concept space by ITSUMO, a Vancouver specialty store).

Discover the authentic and exciting products directly from Tsubamesanjo!

[Event in Vancouver: Made in Tsubamesanjo – Traditional Craftsmanship]

Date: October 14th – December 24th, 2023

Venue: ENISHI (concept space by ITSUMO)

(269 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1J7)




A special brochure created in collaboration with Cheesie-san, a popular influencer and Niigata-lover, is now available!
You can find must-visit places in Niigata, Tsubamesanjo through attractive seasonal itineraries.
This will help you prepare for your trip to Japan.

Special thanks to Cheesie (@Cheeserland)!